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Where does the TM symbol have to go?

Where does the TM symbol have to go?

I'm making a website for a customer. He has trademarked the logo-ized version of his company name. The logo is displayed once prominently at the top of the site pages, and it is also tiled, very faded, as a repeating image that fills the background of the page. Does the trademark symbol need to be on every instance of the logo, or just the prominent one at the top of each page?

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I usually would recommend that a trademark holder not disfigure their own trademark (for example, by fading it, by using it in a background where it is obstructed or not prominent). On the other hand, the faded image may (in fact) be another (related) trademark. So much depends on the actual use.

Finally, the most conservative advice related to trademark marking usually consists of having an appropriate mark each and every time that the trademark is used and having the text of the trademark set off from the other words in the sentence (usually by bold or italics). A stylized version of logo version might also require prominent placement.

Good luck with your client.

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