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Can I use a trademark for a writing business?

Can I use a trademark for a writing business?

I am starting my own business here in Wisconsin hopefully expanding nationally as well. I would be grant writing for non-profit organizations by contracting out my services. As I pick out my business name is there a trademark I can use to make it pop out.

~ Wisconsin

Yes. Trademarks can be used for for services (including grant writing for others).

For example, this entry is in the Trademark identification manual:

Class 35
Writing of grant proposals for non-profit organizations, educational institutions and other community organizations
via TESS

However, please know, the drafting of the goods and services description creates the legal boundaries for your trademark: too narrow, and you may not have the protection you desire; too broad, and your trademark may be challenged later in court.

If you need help picking the name to make it pop, try a branding expert, not a trademark attorney.

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