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Patent & Trademark, Questions & Answers by Andrew P. Lahser, Attorney

  1. Can I use ® circle (R) with a state trademark?
    No. You can use the tm symbol, like this ™. Using the ® for state trademark may be considered fraud or false advertising.
  2. Someone received a trademark for my name, what now?
    Time may be of the essence. To act on your common law trademark rights in your business name or product name, you may need to act quickly.
  3. Can the common description of a product receive a trademark?
    The short answer is this: The trademark is registered. You need to understand the possibility of canceling this trademark.
  4. Can I use my last name in my music career if it's trademarked?
    Here are two cases that show how trademark decisions are sometimes made when they involve the last name of famous celebrities.
  5. Do we change our band name or fight trademark holder?
    Success brings copycats and people who desire to trade on your name. Options here include...
  6. How to Defend a Trademark Opposition brought by a Major Corporation
    It should be possible for a small business to defend an opposition proceeding, even against a large or major corporation, with a relatively limited budget.