trademark symbol

Articles, Questions & Answers by Andrew P. Lahser, Attorney
  1. Why do some large companies use tm instead of ®?
    Large companies may be advertising to purchasers in several nations, who have conflicting laws regarding the use of ®. So, they use ™ instead.
  2. What font for ® registered trademark symbol?
    The purpose of the ® (registered trademark symbol) is to provide notice. If the symbol cannot be read, then it is not providing notice.
  3. Must you display the registered trademark symbol ® to afford protection?
    If you go through the trouble of obtaining a federal registered trademark, it seems sort of silly not to use it.
  4. Where does the TM symbol have to go?
    The most conservative advice related to trademark marking usually consists of having an appropriate mark each and every time that the trademark is used.
  5. What symbol can I use BEFORE the trademark is issued?
    By convention, you can use the ™ symbol, or a superscripted TM. The (r) and ® (pronounced "circle r") can only be used after registration is complete.
  6. Can I add the ™ symbol to my website ?
    Definitely Maybe. Trademarks do not protect websites directly. Trademarks protect consumers.
  7. Can the trademark symbol be placed anywhere near the logo?
    By convention, the trademark symbol is typically placed to the upper right of words and to the lower right of symbols.
  8. Can the trademark symbol match the color of your logo or does it need to be black?
    Any choice of color should not interfere with the purpose of placing competitors on notice of your trademark.