trademark rejection

Articles, Questions & Answers by Andrew P. Lahser, Attorney
  1. Trademark Office Action: How to respond
    The Examiner's rejection begins a miniature proceeding (just like a case in a court of law). How and what to say is vital to overcoming the examiner's trademark rejection and getting your mark registered.
  2. How do I respond to a 'likelihood of confusion' with a registered trademark I already own?
    You can claim ownership of a prior registration by amending your trademark application.
  3. Trademark Response: How do you present argument?
    Most importantly, be persuasive. There are few rules for the format of the argument. The electronic filing system prompts for most rules.
  4. Can I amend a trademark after rejection?
    Probably not. Trademark amendments are only allowed when there is no 'material alteration' of the mark, which will not be enough to overcome the refusal.
  5. Can I trademark a version of the US Flag?
    It depends, there are many registered trademarks that incorporate the US flag. To see examples of these registered marks, you can search.
  6. How to avoid mistakes when filing your US trademark
    The US trademark registration form is deceptively simple. You can complete it in 30 minutes. Some questions use legal terms-of-art and mislead first time users.