trademark office action

Articles, Questions & Answers by Andrew P. Lahser, Attorney
  1. Trademark Office Action: How to respond
    The Examiner's rejection begins a miniature proceeding (just like a case in a court of law). How and what to say is vital to overcoming the examiner's trademark rejection and getting your mark registered.
  2. Can you change a trademark's goods and services description?
    A trademark's goods and services description may be amended to limit or clarify; yet, not broaden the scope of the description.
  3. Trademark Response: How do you present argument?
    Most importantly, be persuasive. There are few rules for the format of the argument. The electronic filing system prompts for most rules.
  4. Can I amend a trademark after rejection?
    Probably not. Trademark amendments are only allowed when there is no 'material alteration' of the mark, which will not be enough to overcome the refusal.